How a simple idea may help beat the winter blues

I am writing this on a rainy and cold afternoon in London, as the autumn leaves - made up of shades of orange and maroon - fall from the nearby trees creating an autumnal tapestry on the floor below; a sign of what is to come, as winter closes in. I know many people are dreading the darker winter months, which is why it's so great to see research which highlights the things we can do to experience joy and awe, and to help fend off the winter blues, even in the most unlikely of circumstances. Experiences which are shown to boost our wellbeing... even in the midst of a pandemic. You will no doubt be familiar with the fact that a significant number of people experience Seasonal Affective Disord

Buffering burnout (as an individual)

It is World Mental Health day on Saturday 10 October 2020, so I thought it might be apt to discuss how each of us can buffer the risk of burnout – a phenomenon which has been on the rise in recent months (and years). Bupa’s Global Executive Wellbeing Index published in September 2020, found that 78% of leaders had experienced poor mental health during the pandemic. At least 40% of those responding to the survey had experienced high rates of fatigue, a lack of energy, lower motivation, as well as anger, impatience, disturbed sleep and mood swings, which we can probably all agree aren’t optimum for leading others. In terms of burnout specifically, the survey identified that at least 10% of lea

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