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Working at a Cafe



Our multi-day retreats can help you pause, reset and recharge, or provide the perfect setting to rediscover yourself and what is most important to you


If you are committed to making a change and need expert guidance, support and accountability, we're here to do just that.


Come and see us speak at conferences or at some of our public events, engage with us via our blogs and podcasts, and connect with us on social media etc



Child's Pose


Imagine a safe haven where incredible, life-changing, experiences are part of each day. Our retreats have been designed specifically to provide the optimum setting and support to help you to rediscover yourself and empower you to truly flourish.

Covid-19 has prevented us from running our retreats since 2020. However, not ones to be deterred, we have used the time wisely to identify the perfect setting for our future retreats. Nestled in amongst the vines in southwestern France we are in the process of carrying out major renovations to an 800 year old chateau situated in the Dordogne. We are carefully crafting every single detail to ensure a truly transformational experience. Once complete, we are in no doubt it will be one of the world-leading venues for transformational change.

We anticipate welcoming our first guests from the spring of 2023 - after all, all good things come to those who wait. 


If you would like to register your interest you can do so here.

Chatting Over Coffee


Our coaches are passionate about helping people flourish. We work with people from diverse backgrounds who are looking to take the next step in their life. We help people break-through self-limiting beliefs and break-out of self-limiting behaviours that stand in the way of where they are now and where they wish to be. Our brilliant team of accredited coaches help people to truly flourish in their relationships, their careers, their health and their life.


Whether you are struggling with burnout or looking to create your dream life, our experienced coaches can help guide you, support you and hold you accountable to ensure your success. Let's face it, we all hold self-limiting beliefs that box us in and prevent us from fulfilling our true potential. We work with individuals who want to break through the confines of the self-limiting box they find themselves in and redefine the limits of possibility. As Nelson Mandela once said: "everything is impossible until it is done".


In addition to your bespoke coaching needs, we have created a number of coaching packages, which are designed to help tackle some of the most common hurdles that people come up against in work and in life. These coaching packages come with a 100% money-back guarantee (terms and conditions apply).


If you are looking to take your career or your life to the next level, you can schedule a 20-minute exploratory coaching call by clicking here.


For further information, you can also email us at

Giving a Speech


We are passionate about inspiring more people in the world to flourish. Most of our workshops and webinars are run privately for organisations. However, every so often we will run an in-person or virtual event to bring people together to share some of the latest research and discuss some of our latest thinking on human flourishing. You can also look out for Nick or one of the team at conferences across the UK and further afield such as Europe and the US. 

Nick and the team also contribute to articles and regularly write blogs and take part in podcasts and media interviews on the topic of human flourishing.


For more information, you can check out our resources page.

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Happy Man

“We provide the knowledge, skills and guidance to empower people to flourish” 

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