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We believe that wellbeing programmes are the key component to successful long-term change. They help people to join up the dots to things that often seem disparate yet are intimately connected, such as the mind and body. When people think of achieving peak performance, they rarely think about human evolutionary biology. Yet, we now know that understanding our biology, specifically what drives the optimum biochemistry of the brain, is crucial to harnessing a positive mental state and, with it, peak performance.


Our programmes have achieved incredible results in helping individuals to bolster their confidence, self-determination, productivity, performance, creativity, resilience, emotional intelligence, health and wellbeing, whilst simultaneously reducing negative stress and anxiety.


We have created three core programmes to help people embed lasting positive change, including a leadership programme. Further details of these programmes are detailed below. We can also create bespoke programmes tailored to your specific needs. We are not in the business of ticking boxes and actively encourage the development of long-term wellbeing strategies that provide the requisite support to employees to help them achieve their true potential.


If you are curious and would like to learn more, please don't hesitate to get in touch by email or by phone.

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Science is only just catching up with what the main protagonists of Disney movies have known for quite some time: humans operate at their best in a positive mental state. We are more creative, more confident, more energised, more engaged, more productive, more collaborative, more compassionate and more resilient in a positive mental state. Yet, we know from research carried out by the Mental Health Foundation that very few people (1 in 10) are currently thriving. It means that organisations are missing out on a significant amount of people's potential.  


Our Thrive programme is designed to optimise people's mental state by teaching them skills grounded in positive psychology and physiology that help them flourish.


If you would like more information, please email or call 0207 993 4402 and ask to speak directly to Nick Bloy.



For many people, fear defines them. It determines the decisions they make, the behaviours they adopt and ultimately the person they become. Yet, we have the capacity to accomplish so much more. Our Exponential programme has been designed to help people to break through self-limiting beliefs and behaviours, as well as redefine their relationship with fear, so that they can unleash their true potential to flourish.


Exponential takes our Thrive programme to the next level. It involves a deep-dive into the neuroscience of the brain, our emotions, as well as our deeply entrenched subconscious biases. The programme provides a blueprint to empower people to truly thrive.  


If you would like more information, please email or call 0207 993 4402 and ask to speak to Nick Bloy directly.

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Courageous Leadership

While the alpha culture that has persisted for decades has proved hard to shift, there are now a growing number of leaders who are blazing a trail for others to follow - one founded on a culture of psychological safety. The very best leaders are those that learn to tame their fears and act selflessly to support those within their care. They create a culture of openness, trust and respect, while simultaneously ensuring their team operates at its best. 


Our Courageous Leadership programme is designed to teach and embed those character traits which bring out the best in people. Traits such as compassion, fairness, respect, kindness, humility, vulnerability and of course courage. 


If you would like more information, please email or call 0207 993 4402 and ask to speak to Nick Bloy directly.



Fists in Solidarity

"I have had nothing but good feedback from those attending the programme. We have noticed a real shift in approach and maturity."
Partner, UK Law Firm     

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